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Knee BracesYour knee is one of the most used joints in your body which leads to pain and injuries. There is a variety of reasons behind knee problems, it could be jumping and running, high pressure on your knee or could be an accidental injury. To treat these all issues, you need custom knee braces in Whitby.

The braces come with the ultimate combination of stabilization and protection to your knee joint. At Whitby Physiotherapy and Wellness, our custom knee supports can be further customized with a variety of options, designs, colors and accessories.

Ultimate Knee Protection

The knee supports are made of the latest technology provide extra protection and comfort to your knee. For example,

  • A cruciate ligament rupture appears with your sudden change in body movements like running or jumping. The cruciate ligaments in the centre of your knee joint may tear if the action is too violent.
  • Meniscus that lies between the thigh bone and shinbone ensures with optimum pressure distribution in the leg. It can tear when it becomes brittle.

In both conditions, you may opt for operation, and later, your doctor will prescribe a knee brace to start rehabilitation and regain mobility faster. Our high performance medically proven knee supports in Whitby are designed for everyone who experiences ligament injuries or reconstructive knee surgery.

No matter you are recovering from a surgery or need braces for prevention, rely on us to get ultimate knee braces made after your specific leg measurement. Feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.

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