Perks of a Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage Have you ever heard about hot stone massage? If not, this post is the right place for you! In this guide, we’ll discuss what exactly hot stone massage is and how it can benefit a person. So, let’s get started!

What is Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage can be referred to as an effective type of massage therapy that helps a person ease and relax the tense muscles and work upon the damaged tissues in the body. When a hot stone massage is carried out, flat, smooth stones are heated and kept on the particular parts of the body that require healing. These stones are generally made from basalt which is a volcanic rock for retaining heat for a longer period.

And the hot stones are heated at a temperature of 130 degrees to 145 degrees. The stones are placed on the body areas including- on the stomach, along the spine, on the face, chest, palms, toes, or the feet of the person. Massage therapists at Whitby Physiotherapy and Wellness hold heated stones during the massage therapy with some Swedish massage techniques like- circular movements, long strokes, tapping, vibration, and even kneading. In specific cases, even cold stones are used during the hot stone massage in order to soothe the skin and calm the engorged blood vessels.

Top Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  • Heat is the most effective solution to ease muscle tension and pain. It will maximize the blood flow over the affected area and helps in reducing the muscle spasms and improves the flexibility and range of motion. While cold stone therapy will relieve inflammation. So, as per the specific body, the use of hot and cold stone varies.
  • A hot stone massage therapy can directly help for stress relief and a ten-minute massage can improve cardiovascular responses like stroke volume and helps to overcome extreme stress scenarios. 
  • A person who undergoes regular massage therapies need not take sleeping pills anymore as these massage sessions are highly beneficial while offering a sound sleep to the person. A person feels relaxed after massage therapy and gets a good sleep while waking up fully active, alert, and positive vibes.
  • Going for a hot stone massage is a great way to get relief from painful conditions like fibromyalgia- a condition which causes chronic pain. A person suffering from fibromyalgia must go for a 30 minute hot stone massage therapy to experience fewer trigger points, get good sleep, and a decreased level of substance P. Moreover, people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can eve benefit from hot stone massage therapy.

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