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Ankle-BracesIf you have got ankle injury and suggested for ankle braces, then reach us at Whitby Physiotherapy and Wellness. Ankle injuries are common and can be caused by everyday activities. This painful condition can affect your mobility, but it can be treated wearing ankle braces in Whitby.

Our ankle braces and supports are designed to perfectly fit around your ankle to treat and prevent ankle injuries. We have a wide selection of ankle braces to be worn during your regular activities to tackle various conditions like:

  • Sprained Ankle
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Broken Ankle Rehab
  • Swollen Ankle
  • Chronic Ankle Instabilities
  • Arthritic Ankles

What Should Consider When Buying Ankle Braces?

  • Level Of Support: The ankle braces are generally available in 3 different levels of support, low level offers compression, moderate level support provides both compression and a degree of stability, and the third one is a high level of support that is used during severe injury, or when you are suffering from a degenerative condition.
  • Sizing: A too tight brace can cut the circulation off while the too small may slip down. So, it will be better to choose the right size of your ankle braces. Make sure to measure your ankle again and again to get the perfect fit.

At Whitby Physiotherapy and Wellness, our team of professional orthopedists can assist you in choosing the right ankle braces for you. So, feel free to reach us and discuss your needs.

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