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Compression StockingsLeg problems are common these days, especially in working people. Due to prolonged sitting or standing jobs, people experience tired and achy legs. At Whitby Physiotherapy and Wellness, our compression stockings are among the top quality products that give you relief from tired legs as well as helps to:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce swellings in legs or feet
  • Relief from advanced varicose veins, lymphoedema and phlebitis

Who Should Wear Compression Socks?

The compression stockings are for everyone. Some people suffering from circulatory issues wear this to treat the problem while youth wear compression stockings to add style to their look.

  • If you have to walk, stand or sit for a more extended period while you are working.
  • Pregnant ladies who suffer from swelling in legs and feet
  • People suffering from varicose veins

Find Your Compression Stockings With Us

Our wide selection of stockings enables you to find suitable compression socks in Whitby that provide you with a functional advantage or give a great look making your everyday life comfortable. At Whitby Physiotherapy and Wellness, our compression socks are best among the top products in terms of price and quality.

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