4 Reasons to See Your Physiotherapist BEFORE Hip or Knee Surgery

4 Reasons to See Your Physiotherapist BEFORE Hip or Knee Surgery Are you having troubles with the hip or knee? Are you going in for surgery soon? If this is the case, you must consider taking physiotherapy sessions beforehand to be accustomed to the various activities you must perform for a healthy knee and hip.

Swelling Management Plan

Of course, as many of you know, you shall experience a lot of swelling after surgery. And, the faster you begin to manage it, the quicker you shall heal and the better you will feel. With your physiotherapist, you can create a schedule or routine for the first two weeks and help yourself with the post-surgery swelling.

Mobility Lessons

Using crutches is the last thing in people’s minds when it is about knee or hip surgery. But, you forget that you can make your legs stronger as you are using them right now. Learn to climb up and on the stairs, get off and on the toilet, etc., for a smooth life without restricted mobility.

Bathing Lessons

After your surgery, you will be asked to abstain from certain activities, and bathing might be one of them. Also, as different houses have different bathing styles, this calls for a customized form of bathing routines to ensure that the incisions are wet. Most patients benefit from the bathing chair.


Dressing becomes painful and challenging when one leg is stiff, in pain, and almost not supportive. However, your physiotherapist can help you get the best by learning how to dress after surgery.

If you are troubled too much, then you can contact the Whitby Physiotherapist today and get the needed treatment for yourself.

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