What Causes Hip Pain & How To Treat It?

Hip Pain Your hips keep you upright, help to bear weight and allow you to walk, run, kick, jump, etc. Since your hips are involved in almost every movement of your body, pain in these areas can affect your routine tasks. However hip pain is caused by osteoarthritis or injury, it could be a sign of your overall health condition. Below is a list of some common reasons behind the hip pain.

What Causes Hip Pain?

  • Inflammation
    Hip pain caused by the structure within the joints in the hip or structures and ligaments around the joints. Within the joint, there is a small space where the femoral head moves in the socket of the acetabulum. So, when an illness or injury triggers inflammation, the area becomes filled with blood or fluid that cause pain.
  • Inflammatory diseases
    Inflammatory diseases most appear among older adults. Unfortunately, there is no cure for degenerative diseases, but you can slow down its progression. The typical inflammatory disorders are rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation of the spine and inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Overuse Injuries
    Daily activities that put stress over the hips cause inflammation of tendons, muscles and ligaments surrounding your hips. The pain can worsen if you ignore.
  • Trauma
    Fractures and dislocation of the hip are the results from direct trauma that can be diagnosed by X-ray. Though it is common in elderly patients, younger can also get into this condition with poor balance or sudden falls.

How Chiropractic Help In Relieving Hip Pain?

A professional chiropractor first examines the entire health condition to determine the actual reason for hip pain and then, create a personalized treatment that includes chiropractic adjustments, posture advice, exercise therapy, massage, stretching and more. The whole procedure not only treats the existing problem but also improves the mobility of joints.

So, if you are suffering from hip pain, feel free to contact us at Whitby Physio. We have a team of the professional chiropractors who utilize a custom chiropractic care plan to help you recover fast. Call us today to request an appointment.

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